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Our next full sets of shag lessons will start as soon as the Governor lifts all Covid restrictions AND

we believe it is feasable to offer them without unnecessary distancing requirements, etc.

Beginner I lessons start at 7:30 (so you need to be there by 7:00) and are for those who do not know how to shag, or want to learn the correct steps and proper technique.

Beginner II lessons start at 8:30 and are for those who have taken the Beginner I course, or those who know how to shag but want to improve.

You do not have to sign up in advance, and you do not have to bring a partner. But please come early the first night to get signed up and get your free instructional materials.

You'll want to start coming in plenty of time to enjoy the greatly food and full bar before lessons start, too.

You are highly encouraged to come early and eat. The facility has a full menu and great food!



Professional shaggers and shag dance instructors Ashley & Tobitha Stewart are well known in the shag community. They have been competing in events such as the National Shag Dance Championships in North Myrtle Beach, SC, the USA Grand National Dance Champions in Atlanta, GA, the US Open Swing Dance Championships in Burbank, CA and various other events on the Competitive Shaggers Association circuit.

Both are very involved in the social and competition aspects of Carolina Shag. They consider the Carolina Shag a dance with extremely deep roots that includes a lifestyle that, once it has infected you, is very hard to leave behind. 

They are also extremely committed to teaching and promoting junior shaggers (those under age 21). In fact, they coach the award winning Junior Shag Dance Team.  

When they are not shagging, Tobitha is a North Carolina REALTOR and Ashley is in Medical Sales.

Twister's Shag Club is very happy to have these two teaching our lessons. You won't have more fun or find better instructors (or a better price) anywhere else.


WHERE? We teach shag lessons on Tuesday nights at The Finish Line Lounge. It is just west of I-77, exit 36 (Hwy 150). The only exception is the first Tuesday of each month which is devoted to our club meeting.(However, students and guests are always invited to attend.)

WHEN? Sign-ups for beginner lessons start at 6:30pm. The lessons start at 7:30pm. Beginner II (or Beginner III lessons, when offered) follow at 8:30. By the way, you DO NOT have to bring a partner to take lessons.

HOW MUCH? The cost of lessons is $40 per person (TOTAL) for seven weeks. (One of those weeks is our meeting night.) Our line dance lessons are generally free. From time to time, we also offer more advanced lessons. Ask for more info.

WHAT'S THE CATCH? There isn't one. Even though many people and many places charge a lot of money for lessons, we do it very cheaply to help promote our club, increase our membership, and spread interest in shagging.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear comfortable clothes... nothing fancy. Men and women should wear leather-bottomed shoes if possible. For ladies, "flats" are best for you. Any large heel will make it very hard to dance. Tennis shoes, flip-flops and similar will make it very hard for you to shag.

WHAT DO YOU TEACH? Beginner lessons focus on the basic shag step, and the male and female turns. Depending on the progress of the class, other steps may also be added. The Beginner II lessons are tailored toward the pivot and boogiewalk, and setups, etc. Line dance classes include various popular line dances done by shaggers.

WHAT TIME? It is best if you can be there by 7pm every week. This gives you time to check in, grab a beverage of choice or eat if you want to, and practice. Then you will be ready to start when the actual instruction begins at 7:30pm. You don't have to stay out late if you have an early morning coming the next day. We are trying to make it convenient for you!

DO I HAVE TO PREREGISTER? No. Just show up early and come have some fun. Bring a friend if you want to. If not, come on. We generally have plenty of single students (and TSC members) to make sure everyone has a partner.





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