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The Junior Cyclone


March 22-24, 2019

The Junior Cyclone will be held in Mooresville, NC at the old skating rink facility (now the Amvets building). The facility has a hardwood floor, and is a great place to have a dance event of this magnitude.

This event is designed to introduce shag dancing and shag music to those under the age of 21, and to enhance the skills of those who already know how to shag. It's a great way for the kids to meet new friends, build confidence, and have a lot of fun, too.

We recognize that not all kids are interested in shagging. But once they see all ages having fun and enjoying themselves, they will want to participate. Shag is an easy dance for kids to learn. After experiencing this event, they may want to continue taking lessons, become part of junior competitions or even join one of the competitive junior shag dance teams!

Please Note: Adults are welcome to attend to watch the instruction, demonstrations, competition and other activities, and to participate during the many hours of open dancing. Of course we welcome adult helpers and adult sponsors, too.

This Event Will Include:

FREE shag dance instruction by pro dancers and competitive junior shaggers
FREE dance demonstrations by the instructors
FREE dance demonstration by the award winning Junior Shag Dance Team

FREE shag line dance instruction
FREE fun mixed doubles contest
FREE photo booth pictures

Food will be available on site all weekend.
More surprises and additions will be included.

Click HERE and "LIKE" the Junior Cyclone Facebook Page.

More Details:

We will have various types of food and beverages available all weekend. On Saturday, we'll have hotdogs and chips available for lunch. For dinner, hotdogs and pizza will be available. Each and every food or beverage item will only cost $1 each all weekend. The idea is to make this very, very inexpensive for all attendees.

All attendees will have a lanyard with a color-coded name badge. White is for non-competitive and rookie juniors. Yellow is for competitive juniors. Green is for adults. Blue is for DJ's, Instructors, and the event Chairs. All juniors will be given a "dance card" with a goal of dancing with one person from each color that they have NEVER danced with before. They will then turn in their card for a chance to win a prize.

We'll work in some fun, shag related games during the weekend with prizes. We'll have an ongoing drawing contest (contestants will draw Junior Cyclone cloud people or similar items that may be used in our future promotions), a photo booth, an "I could dance to that" song contest where juniors will submit a song not normally shagged to, a "Simon Says" shag step contest or possibly another game.

We've got a photo booth there all weekend. Take a fun picture of just yourself, or with a bunch of your friends. You will get the photo there, and we will also email a copy of it to you after the event is over!

Finally, we'll have some Junior DJ time. If you have played shag music before, bring your tunes. If you never have, but always wanted to try, we'll have some instruction and play time for you.

Note: No smoking (including E-cigarettes) or alcoholic beverages allowed in this event.






NOTE: All tickets will be held at the door. However, you may receive an email from us about the event at some point after we receive your order.

You Can Order Tickets Using Paypal Or Your Credit Card
Here, Instead Of Using The Form On The Flyer.
(A $2 per ticket charge applies to cover the cost of this service.)

Tickets are only $25 per person (Junior or Adult)

NOTE: On the first entry line, below, please fill in the name of EACH attendee, separated by a comma.
Beside each name, please include that person's age if they are under age 21.
For instance, you might enter John Smith, Jane Smith, Tom Smith 14, Betty Smith 9.

On the second entry line, below, please list the email address of EACH attendee, separated by a comma.

Once you have filled in the information, click the "add to cart" button. If you are ordering more than one ticket, make sure to update the quantity shown.

Name(s) AND Age(s) If < 21
Email Address Of Each Attendee

Weekend Accommodations


* Contact the hotel via the phone number shown here! Other phone numbers and other methods for making reservations will NOT get you in our block or get you this discount, etc.

* Tell them UP FRONT (first) that you are attending the Twister's Shag Club JUNIOR Cyclone shag dance when making your reservation.

Special Note: Much like race week, the hotels in this area consider the Cyclone to be a "special event". Due to very high room demand, a one-night room charge will apply to any room reservation canceled fourteen days or less in advance. Thank you for understanding.
Click on the logo or hotel name for more information.
Available room numbers may vary between updates due to circumstances beyond our control.
Rooms Left As Of 1/23/2018
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When folks have problems getting a room it is usually because they did NOT mention they were attending the Junior Cyclone Shag Dance. However, if you follow the instructions noted above and call the hotel and still have a problem, please email us with all the details and we will take care of it, immediately. Thank you!


Members Of TWO Award Winning Junior Shag Dance Teams May Be There To Participate In The Fun, Help Teach, And To Put On Amazing Demonstrations

Here is a photo of the Junior Shag Dance Team

Junior Shag Dance Team

Here is a photo of some of the Shagtime 2 And The Wee Baby Blues members


We Want To Express Our Gratitude, Admiration And Support For These Fine Organizations

Click On Each Logo For More Information About Each One

Keepers Of The Dance     Junior Shaggers Association    Junor Shag Dance Team 



A Few Of Our
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